Wedding Anniversary Wishes for wife

Happy Wedding Anniversary Wishes for wife: The only strong relation in this universe is of husband and wife. They support each other no matter how tough and hard to survive but they always stand together and face all difficulties for making strong. As in action, you show your love to your wife it is as needed in words also. So express your love to your wife and thanks her for all past and future relaxations she gives to you.

Happy Wedding Anniversary Wishes for wife

Happy Wedding Anniversary Wishes for wife

Here some of the romantic and wonderful wishes for the marriage anniversary.

You made my all life easy and simple; I got all happiness just because of you. Happy marriage anniversary to a lovely wife who makes me happy and relaxes my mind with his attitude and love.

My hearts remarks to you, you are not only beautiful by your face you are also beautiful by heart and soul. Happy marriage anniversary to my cute wife.

It’s not a fact we agree in each matter or not, the matter is we sacrifices for each other in every situation. Happy marriage anniversary to beautiful woman of the world.

Once again you prove yourself as a great wife with your strong trust and patience. Happy marriage anniversary to my wonderful and beautiful wife.

A happy married life is the goal of everyone and I achieve this goal successfully in all last years. Happy marriage anniversary to my wife who brings more happiness in my life.

You are my princess, queen and my world, the way you support me throughout the life is just speechless. Happy marriage anniversary to my queen.

Our mutual standing becomes extraordinary in the first year of marriage. Happy marriage anniversary to the great and respected wife.

You are the life I always struggled for, you are the smile I wanted to see, you are the cure an incurable patient needs, you are the rain a person dying with thrust needs.

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Happy Marriage Anniversary Wishes for wife

I was a little boy when we met, you made me man. I was an idiot when we met, you provided me with wisdom, I was a passenger with no destination, and you provided me with an intention and purpose of life.

My faith on you became stronger and harder in every passing year, it’s just because of your truthiness, patience, and trust on me. Happy marriage anniversary.

As every year of our marriage goes my love and faith on you also getting more and more. Happy marriage anniversary.

I have never even dreamed this fabulous life ever before which I’m spending with you dear, it’s magnificent and happy marriage anniversary.

Work hard and be humble to everyone, which I learn from you in your relationship. Happy marriage anniversary to my lovely wife.

Whenever I am tensed or feeling down and wanting someone to boost, I found you right behind me to give me confidence, you are my true love and proud. Happy marriage anniversary.

Thanks for all the cheers and love for this amazing past year. Happy marriage anniversary to my cute queen.

I can’t imagine my life without you, now I am an addict of your love and care, I also hope this in future also. Happy marriage anniversary.

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Anniversary wishes for Wife

You are the most inspiring person for me, I really appreciate the way you lead all the relationship is speechless in all past years.Happy marriage anniversary.

My heart grinding just due to your presence, I am a big fan of you my queen thanks for all past successful years. Happy marriage anniversary.

You are lucky for me, there comes a lot of success and fame for me. Happy marriage anniversary to my queen.

You are the dearest thing of my life. Your love makes me happy and the luckiest person in the world. Please be with me for the whole life.

You came to me and the time changed the autumn winds for me. Your coming was the greatest reward for my life. I can never see you without me. Can’t even think of going away from you.

Sometimes I see that we have just met, our love and attraction is still fresh. I can’t imagine how time is passing with you. So we have spent another year of happiness together. May we always be happy and remain with each other.

I sometimes think what was going to happen with me if I was not married to you. Definitely, I was going to die or I was going to face a life full of worries and sorrows but I am thankful to God that we both met.

I made big achievements in my life, also enjoy a lot but the most precious thing I ever got in my life was achieving you. I am really prided to get you as my wife.

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Marriage Anniversary Wishes for Wife

Many people have relations but the relations are only about names and formalities. I am really thankful that our relation is an example of love for others. I always owe you respect.

My relation to you is not a relation of a husband. My relation to you is a relation with an unlimited love, a relation of a soul, a relation that can never be tolerated and a relation that is strong enough to fight with the whole world.

Thanks for holding me whenever I was going to fall, thanks for supporting me when the whole world goes against me. Thanks for accepting me when the whole world rejected me.

If it was possible for me I was sure going to show you my heart and you will realize that I like you as a dying person likes life. You are always a reason for my existence.

This day has a great importance near me because that was the day when we both got engaged in relation. I can forget my name but I can never forget this day, the day you came I my life and my life turned into a paradise.

Let’s make this world the proof of our love, let’s show this world how much we love each other let’s just fly against the winds together and tell the whole world about this day, the day we met.

I am grateful for what you did for me, for all the sweet smiles you gave me, for all the kisses of my morning, for all the breakfast and dinners, for all the moments we spent together.

I never thought that I deserve something but getting you was the greatest blessing for me. I never deserved of any relation like this.

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Happy Wedding anniversary to my wife

You flow In my blood, you beat with my heart, you come to my breathes whenever I am tired, you with me whenever I am alone, you will be in my soul when I will die.

I saw God. You know how? I can see God every time when I see you. My God is great because He provided me with you. You seem to be his blessing on me. I can never think of a single moment without you.

A beautiful red rose at the end of all these beautiful marriage years. Happy marriage anniversary to my beloved wife.

My all years of your relationship are great and fabulous. Happy marriage anniversary to the wonderful wife.

You make my journey to success more quickly, the credit goes to you. Happy marriage anniversary.

My wife is the most beautiful lady of this world. I want to say great thanks to you to be with me as my wife. Happy anniversary.

I am so glad to get my anniversary but I am happier because you are the cause of this anniversary. I really love you from my heart and will support you until my last breath.

I wish to kiss you at our anniversary. This day remind us those all promises which we made during our wedding ceremony. Accept my well wishes for your future life.

I agree that there is no gift of God more precious than your presence in my life. My life, you are my role model and reason of success. Happy anniversary.

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