5th Wedding Anniversary Quotes for Wife

5th Wedding Anniversary Quotes for Wife: Wife is the blessing of God, who remains with you in any time of difficulty and need. She leaves her family and relatives only for you. She marries you and shares her whole life with you. She stands with you during your life problems and her happiness goes related to you. The thing she always needs is your love and attraction towards her. She can compromise over everything and only live for the happiness of her husband and family.

5th Marriage Anniversary Wishes for Wife

5th Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Wife

My dear wife! It is our marriage anniversary. On this day of great importance, I want you to be with me and celebrate this moment.

Your presence was always a source of peace and happiness for me. You always supported me and please keep supporting me like that always.

Your happiness is my first preference ever. Your love is the love I really want and the only wish of my life is to see you happy.

Your love is like a life to me, your affection is a cure for my disease, your presence makes me happier and your breaths are like fragrance shower in the air.

Whenever I saw you remember the day we met and especially the day we both married. May we both be together for the current and all upcoming years.

It makes me more expensive when you are with me. Your love is peace for my soul and your memories are the purpose of my life.

The day we both married was a great day. I consider this day as the best day of my life and I want to see this day every year to love you more every year.

The day is brighter today, songs are in the air, birds are singing and the wind is blowing like a heart touching soul. All these are remembering us about the day we both got married.

5th Wedding Anniversary Quotes for Wife

I hear that people meets and loves together and their love decrease with every passing day but I can’t believe because my love to you is crazier every year.

May this day of anniversary bring a lot of happiness for us and may we both live together for hundred years. May this day repeat again and again with more happiness and comfort.

Today, our anniversary is not a past year, it is a symbol of our understanding and believe on each other. The every passing day will be filled with more love and memories.

Another year has passed, our love seems to grow older, but you know the real thing. Our love is stronger, as everyone says “old is gold”.

It makes me proud you that you are with me for the whole life as my wife. When I imagine someone else in your place, I really get scared that what was my destination without you.

I achieved a lot of things in my life, enjoyed a lot and faced many personalities, but the most important thing and person to my life are always you.

You always make me realize that I am connected to some bonding which always keeps me pulling towards you and makes me see the world as a paradise.

Today I want to tell you that you are everything of my life, I am nothing without you and our family. Let’s save these memories and promise to be together for all the upcoming years.

5th Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Wife

Your love always made me strong; I was nothing before your love and presence. The thing you ever gave to me has great importance, but the most precious gift you always gave me is your love and body.

You are the one I will always love. You are the one I always urge for. I always want to see you happy.

Whenever I pray to God, I don’t forget one pray and the pray is to keep you with me for the whole life.

Our marriage anniversary is a special day which leads us to a happy life and a checkpoint to balance our love and attraction.

We have successfully covered a milestone of our journey. The day is a prove that we are doing well for our upcoming life. I assure you this day will never end.

Memories are the most precious things on this earth. So let’s make some memories on this special day and celebrate so that one day we can look upon our memories be happy.

There are many things huger, but nothing can ever be greater than the love we have for each other. I assure that his love will never go low and I will keep you loving.

Anniversary I moment of remembering the promises we did to each other so let me make you clear that you’ve made your promises fulfill very honestly.

5th Wedding Anniversary Quotes for Wife

When it comes to the agreement, we made for life it always leads to our love which is more that agreement we really deserve this love for each other.

Today is a special day for us and our whole family as we met on this day.

This day is a day with great importance not because you married, it is because I got a life partner to love and support me in all situations.

The life you gave me is a gift from you, the life before you was of no importance and distracted and your arrival in my life made me realize how lucky I am.

I wish you a lot of happiness and love with indescribable feelings of my heart. May you always be happy.

You often asked me what I loved the most in my life, but today I am going to tell you that you are the only princess of my life, the one I ever loved.

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