First wedding anniversary wishes to sister and brother in law

First wedding anniversary wishes to sister and brother in law: As sister is very dear to us, we always want to see her happy, and we take her responsibility and take good care of her until her marriage. But when she gets married there came a person who takes her responsibility and when he understands his responsibility completely then such a person loves you. So as you love your sister, you also love her husband a lot. Such a person deserves to be a brother in law.

First wedding anniversary wishes to sister and brother in law

First wedding anniversary wishes to sister and brother in law

I always want to see you both happy, and together, I never want to see even a little problem near you. You both are dearest for me, and I am glad that you are together.

Whenever I see you both, I become happy and thanks to God for making you for each other. You looks like the best couple in the world, and I am proud of you both.

As this is your wedding anniversary, I am sending my best wishes for you. May no bad sight may ever see you, and you both enjoy the real joys of life.

You are the couple which always supported, loved and wanted each other and also made each other happy. You always took care of each other and preferred each other’s happiness. You are an ideal couple for the whole world.

You are dear to me, and I can’t explain how much I love you both and happy whenever I see you both together. I always want to see you with each other.

As this is your anniversary, I wish you the day you both met and promised each other to be together for whole life. That’s a great day for you. Enjoy these moments and create moments of the future life by capturing them on your canvas.

That’s your anniversary, a time to be enjoyed, so I have wished you, and I am inviting you both to a party with your venue. That will be my little involvement in your happiness.

You are the very lucky person to be with a girl who loves you and also a brother who takes care of you. I want you to be happy, and I am ready to face any problem that comes your way.

Happy first anniversary to sister & Brother in law

I am glad that you get everything that you wanted, I hope that you will get every happiness of life for the future life and you will take care of you both.

My eyes go fresh whenever I saw you both together. You both looks charming when you are with each other. I prefer to see you happy over my happiness, as all my happiness and joy is concerned with you both.

This spent year proved that you both are made for each other, and you will always be together. Or I can say that a perfect man got a perfect lady who leads them both to a great couple in the world.

A few years ago on the same day, you got a bride. And seeing you together make me fully pride. Try to be together forever and enjoy the each second of your life and together doesn’t waste any single second of your life.

Many people sent you wishes on this day; they congratulated on this day, but I am not able to describe my happiness and love for you both. So I want you both to understand my love for you and take my prayers as a gift for your anniversary.

You both are my relatives and I am happy that you both met each. This day plays a great role in your life every year. Make this year euphoric and enjoyable and here is my hug for both of you. May you always be together?

My sister was a part of my life. Sometimes I feel like she was my heart. She was the one I loved. But when you married her I realized that my love now is also for you. I am satisfied that she got a husband like you.

Here are my wishes for you both. Sent from the warmth of my heart, sent from the core of my heart, send from my soul that you both be happy and satisfied in your whole life. May you see every happiness in life and no sorrows.

Happy 1st Anniversary for Sister & Brother in law

Your wedding was a ceremony with all the moments of joy; you made everyone happy when you married my sister, and we believed you that you would keep her happy for the whole of life and today I can say that you fulfilled your promise very boldly.

It is a day when you both held each other’s hand and promised each other to together for remaining life. Our family respects you both, and we all are euphoric that you are a part of our family. May you both never face any problem in life.

My pray, my words, my love and my affection for you both on this day of great importance.

You both are the roses in a garden which looks breathtaking when they are together, and they attract everyone by their fragrance. A fragrance which is all due to love between their petals.

Every day I woke up, I do pray, and the prays on the top of a list is that you live together and in comfort for the whole life. I never want to see you both alone or parted.


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