Congratulation Messages for Engagement

Congratulation Messages for Engagement: To be engaged with someone is undoubtedly the most beautiful feelings in the life of any person. The engagement comes with several new dreams, promises, and planning. We should wish our beloved relatives at their engagement to increase our love and to support them while planning the new life. To accomplish these purposes, the fabulous congratulation messages for engagement are given below.

Congratulation Messages for Engagement

Congratulation Messages for Engagement

It is a desire of everyone make a permanent relation with a partner to live with happiness and purposeful. I am glad to hear about your engagement. Many Many Congratulations.

It is a pleasure for you both to get together in new relation. Your engagement is the best engagement I have ever seen.

After the engagement, it is wonderful to start a new life. Engagement gives us new desires and a new look to our vision. Congratulations.

Accept my intense congratulations at your engagement. It’s a great decision to be engaged as early as possible to play a decisive role in your and other’s life.

I know it’s freedom to live alone to do anything according to your wish. But in engagement life you can do everything in the better way after consulting your partner. Many congratulations.

No other feeling of this world is enjoyable than to select and engage with a beloved life partner. Many happy returns for your future life.

May your life full of love and happiness. May you feel every single joy in your life with your forever love.  May you get married to your partner as early as possible!

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When I see both of you, I can say what a beautiful couple. Your mutual love can easily see by others. You have many admirable characteristics in common. Happy engagement wishes to you both!

Congratulation on Engagement

Top 10 Congratulation Messages for Engagement

I wish you to have a long and enjoyable life together. Together you can face and solve all problems without any worry. Congratulations my dear.

No doubt, you are a perfect couple with a large respect for one another. My love and support are always available for you.

Congratulations to find and engage with your life partner. Hope you are very satisfied and enjoying this event because this will never come again in your life.

I am sure the angels are with you with all blessings and kindness. Have a happy engagement life!

It is a charm to see when two hearts engage in a symmetrical relation. You both have many reasons to love one another. Congratulations by my heart!

Congratulations for to wear an amazing engagement ring on your finger. It’s a love to see your happiness again and again.

You are a lucky couple because you have found one another without much difficulty. Now, the whole life of cheering is waiting for you.

I proud to see your engagement and hearing about your immeasurable love. Don’t forget to invite me to your wedding ceremony.

It’s has been a fun and fully enjoyment to spend my time with you. I wish the same enjoyment for your fiancé, my dear.

No matter, how much old are you or how much time is left in your marriage! The real involvement is of your hearts. I can say that your hearts beat for one another and your souls are waiting to hug one another. Congratulations at your engagement

Congratulation Wishes for Engagement

Congratulation Wishes for Engagement

Don’t forget to think of your hearts in your relationship. It is important because hearts decisions can strengthen your engagement period and can do everything for early marriage.

Today, I feel that your selection is pretty good especially when it came to selected your life partner. Congratulations my dear

I cannot believe that you have engaged. The time of your engagement has come. You are a great person and it is very great to get engage without wasting your age. I am happy to listen about your engagement much soon.

You are a handsome boy and you engaged with a pretty girl. This is the right start of new life. My hearty congratulations are just for you


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