Birthday Wishes for Son

Happy birthday wishes for son: When a couple becomes parents, nothing is more valuable than the children. If you are father or mother of your son then you are lucky. There are countless love and respect in between you and your son. It makes you be happy and enjoy your life sincerely in the presence of your son. To celebrate each event together can add more duration to your life and will also strengthen the relationship. Now, if the date of birth of your son is coming near then you should be ready to wish your son. You can read and pick various loving happy birthday wishes for son in beneath.

Birthday Wishes for Son

Top 100+ Birthday Wishes for Son

I am glad to see your birthday again in my life. God has allowed you to see the blessings of your life again. Happy birthday.

I am feeling proud to have you, my dear son. Your presence gives me strength, power and energy.

I am ready to celebrate your birthday with you. Today’s memory will remain in my mind forever. Happy birthday.

My son, having you is actually having everything in life. You are everything for me after God. Please feel free to ask and receive birthday gifts from me.

When I introduce you in front of others, I feel proud and respectful. Everyone is admiring your character and abilities. Have a happy birthday.

I wish you with my soul on your birthday. My son, I pray for you to see your next hundred birthdays with full of happiness and peace.

If anyone asks me about my whole life achievement, I can quickly speak your name. You are my treasure of gold, and I never want to lose you.

Happy birthday to my handsome son. I hope you will feel pleasure after receiving my message.

I want to arrange all sweet cakes at your birthday. All cakes of this world are not enough for your birthday. My son, happy birthday.

I can easily recall all of your birthdays. I am sure this birthday is breaking all your old records of joy and satisfaction. Happy birthday.

Every day when I see you, I feel full strength because of you. My son thanks a lot for your support, love and respect for me.

I cannot forget about your date of birth. That was a splendid day when you came in the world. Let’s cheers and keep enjoying as a family!

Although I am older than you but you are ahead of me in many cases. You have more abilities, skills, and power of hardworking. Happy birthday to my son!

My son I will advise you to work hard and achieve every necessary thing in the life. I am always here to help you in all conditions. Happy birthday.

Today is a right time to say that you are very precious to me. I cannot think to lose you or live without you. My son, have a happy birthday.

You have not only a beautiful face but also a beautiful heart. Your kind heart can attract everyone towards you.  My son, I wish you good luck for new relations and fruitful life.

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