Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Friends

Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Friends: A friend is the only relation in life who is closer to heart than any blood relation. A friend is a great blessing of God and he helps you in any phase of life regarding your difficulties. Such a friend really deserve special love and affection. So it’s our job to take care of such a friend and wish him the moments.

Marriage anniversary wishes for friends

Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Friends

Today is the day when you got married. I was really happy that you got your life partner. I want you both to be together.

You are the one and only friend in my life who shared everything with me and on this day I pray to God that you both remain happy in life.

This is a day you were waiting for, the day you both got married and promised to each other about your remaining lives.

Anniversary is the day when everyone remembers about the memories and moments of their relation. So today is your day to do this.

May this day bring a lot of happiness and cheers in your life and the upcoming year. May you never see any problem? I want to see you happy.

Your relation is the dearest relation in the world. This is a relation of body and soul which allows you both to fall in love with each other.

Let’s celebrate this day with you, as this day plays a great role in your life and you must be happy that this year is coming again and again in your life.

Today you have passed another year of life. It means that you are doing well for the journey of your life.

Happy Marriage Anniversary Wishes for Friends

Marriage Anniversary Wishes for Friends

Each passing year of your marriage is proof that you are going to be together forever. I know you will remain together for the whole of life.

Another year is passed now, it never means that your relation is one year old now, it means that your relation is one more year stronger now.

The day you both got married was a great day, we were all happy and each year when this day returns, we feel happy for you and your relation.

You were always dear to me before your marriage, but when you got married I was sad that you are related to someone else now, but the love and affection of your wife made it clear that she is really good.

Before your marriage, you were the only one dearest to me, but after your marriage, your wife is also dearest to me like you.

The year passed is a sign that you are spending a good time with each other and it means that you are both good in your duties.

Each year on your anniversary, it’s a good moment to celebrate and enjoy the memories of your life and marriage day.

On this great day, you can remember your moments of life and can go happily because this day is the day when you both met to each other.

Let’s celebrate the day of your anniversary and I offer you a dinner at my place. So that we can remember the moments we spend together.

Your presence in my life always showed me that you are the perfect person in your relations, but each year on your marriage anniversary I realize that you are really a complete person.

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Happy Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Friends

Wedding Anniversary Messages for Friends

I remember the day you fell in love with her and I am happy that I was the first one to hear it from you. I was really happy to you.

I always wanted to see you both happy and successful in life and your anniversary makes me realize that you are doing well with each other.

This day is the day of many moments. You both should enjoy these moments and make the memories of your life.

You should enjoy this day and capture the moments of your life on canvas so that you can look upon these moments and be happy.

There is something amazing about you both, there is something sweet about you, there is the strongest part of your relation that makes you both feel like paradise.

Love is the greatest power of attraction between any couple and I am happy that you both love each other so no one can ever separate you.

The day of your marriage was a day with great part of joy and happiness. You were looking very happy and satisfied with your marriage.

I think you both are the dearest personalities to me in the whole world, so it’s my duty to wish you your moments and pray for your happiness.

I saw a lot of problems in my life which makes me dull and lazy but whenever I saw you both, I got a lot of confidence and it charged me up for life.

Your love is the power of your life. Your relation is the shield which protects you both from the hardships of life. May you always be safe.

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Happy Anniversary Wishes for Friends

Wedding Anniversary Sms for Friends

I know that I am your friend and you really care about me, but I am happy to know that there is someone, you care more than me.

You both are an ideal couple for all of us. As you beautifully did with each other and supported each other.

It is really appreciable that you both are doing very well in your jobs and duties. You are really an example for the whole world.

Your love and emotions for each other are not only limited to you both. I can clearly see your love and emotions for each other.

My friends are my lifeblood and you are my favorite one. I hope you are also a successful partner of your wedding member. Happy anniversary.

My friend, you have proved yourself in all aspects and fields of your life. Thanks because you did the same in your married life. Accept my happy anniversary card.

Love is the biggest demand in ay close relation. I am sure you both have sincere endless love in between you as a sincere husband and as a satisfied wife.

I know God created you both for one another. You should thanks to God to help you to get married without any difficulty. My friend, enjoy your anniversary with sweets.

I am searching any couple which is like you but I can’t. It is because you are the perfect couple and no one can be compared with you in any quality. Happy anniversary!

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